Simple Changes to Support Canadian Economy

The Guide to Buying Canadian !

This post comes after a trade war with the United States who’s administration have imposed a slew of tariffs on U.S. goods coming to Canada. Well… what if I told you that we can turn this negative event into a positive.

Lets learn about some simple purchasing decisions that can seriously support home grown Canadian business!



If you’re a fan of lets say our friend Jack Daniels… Swap it out! There’s plenty of Canadian made whiskey to choose from. My personal favorite is J.P. Wisers !

Some other things you can think about, buy Canadian beer, maybe even a smaller craft brewer!

If you like Vodka, you’re also in luck. Alliston just opened a distillery !


The famous Ketchup conundrum. Heinz closed their Canadian and moved it to the U.S because of money, however… French’s stayed right here in Canada!



Toilet Paper

Pretty well every brand is American however, there’s three Canadian options on the wipe scale.

Cascades, Cashmere and Purex!



Check this out, I am a huge yogurt fan but I’m picky. I actually HATE the traditional gross runny yogurt you always got in your lunchbox as a kid. My personal favourite in Liberte Greek Yogurts, they’re amazing! and guess what.. It’s Canadian AND uses local dairy. Doesn’t get much better than that!


And there is tons more where these came from. Have a product you regularly buy? Check where it is made, a simple google search or even just the back of the package should tell you!

Buy Canadian!