Update on real estate – the hot market continues into 2017

Real estate in Simcoe County including Barrie continues to sell quickly as demand is not slowing down like some predicted.

I’ve been reading these sorts of articles about TO and Simcoe County now for a few years. Looks like its going to continue for awhile.

Barrie and area continues to be great for current local owners as prices go up but tougher for local young families as Toronto owners sell off and bring their extra cash here to suck up properties over-asking. Do agents love the bidding war climate?

Along with other factors, Thanks Toronto for being a major factor improving value in all the real estate markets nearby!

A new post at BlogTo.com tells us what we already know in Barrie because Toronto money keeps coming north to buy here in Simcoe County. I have friends who had to buy in Port Severn because houses keep getting snapped up here at a record rate. That is a typical story here.

Barrie ranked number 8 overall in 2015 in Canada.

Canada’s top cities to buy real estate in