Sign up for Missions; not CIA Missions, Life Saving Missions

by Abigale McCulloch, St.Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School

The future awaits students who signed up for the 2019 St.Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School (STS) Tanzania Africa mission trip. The students in Grades 10 and 11 are ready for an amazing and rewarding journey overseas. The trip will last 14 days and the students will help a local town in Tanzania. “The students will experience the lives and culture of the community as well as spend time with a Maasai warrior learning traditional customs.The students will also be going on safari,” said Mrs Vincent, one of the organizing teachers.

Students are already preparing for their journey by meeting at lunch and getting to know their fellow missionaries. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these students. The teachers going on this trip, Mr Eagan and Mrs Vincent, have lots of experience with missions trips. Mrs Vincent spoke about the reason she feels these trips are important. “I go on these mission trips because I believe it is important for students to experience the world and other cultures. Mission trips allow students to help others when there is a need. They learn how fortunate they are at home, and how fortunate other people are in different parts of the world are, but in different ways.”

Students are always encouraged by teachers to try new things and allow themselves to be fully immersed in everything they do. Missions trips are not only an amazing spiritual journey, they are also a fun and rewarding experience. Past participants and teachers would encourage anyone with a passion for making the world a better place to join a mission trip. The world can be changed if the citizens in it are moving to make that change.