Sick Of Zoom? New App Zoom Escaper Can Get You Out Of Any Meeting

This could come in handy

Ever been on a zoom call too long? I’ve never been on a zoom call too short– I can tell you that, now most of the time a meeting going on too long is out of your control, someone from accounting who hasn’t been to the office wants to show off their new dog, the new employee introduces themselves, it was a coworkers birthday tell us what you did?, and all that’s great… if you were in the hallways at work. On zoom it just drags everything out…until now?

There is a new app called Zoom Escaper that will play sound in the background that you would need to attend to. Here are some of the options.

Some work better than others… bad connection or upset baby great, urination I don’t see how it could work…

Check out the app here.