September 11

U.S. Marks 18th anniversary of 9-11

While Canada’s politicians are calling for an upcoming fall election today, Americans are remembering the 18th anniversary of September 11, 2001.

With calls to “never forget”, a crowd of victims relatives, first responders, politicians, and many who want to simply remember and revisit Ground Zero, as it has become known, the site of New York’s famous twin towers for solemn ceremonies this morning and throughout the day.

For anyone who lived through the experience, the day is etched in their minds.  A day where you remember exactly what you were doing when the news first started to break about the terror attacks that were taking in place in New York and also in Washington and Pennsylvania.  At the time, no one knew exactly what was happening, or just how big the attack was ultimately going to be.

People today are remembering the victims of the attack, and also the firefighters, police and emergency workers that worked tirelessly in the hours and days following the attacks in the thick dust and ash and who have now become sick as a result of their heroic efforts in those days after the attack.

No doubt the people of Gander Newfoundland will mark today in remembrance as air traffic into the U.S. was diverted to their local airport and the residents there came to the aid of complete strangers as the passengers on those planes had no where to turn in the days they were stranded.

This day now 18 years later contrasts the very worst with the very best efforts of humankind, and should always be remembered.