See? You DO Have Neighbours

Spring finally has sprung

After what seemed like a longer than normal hibernation, humans are finally exiting their winter conclaves to enjoy the first real tastes of spring: sunshine, mild temperatures…next-door neighbours. Kids are on bicycles, parents are cleaning the car and the yard, and freedom has returned to anyone with a motorcycle.

Busy on the roads

Police are a littler concerned with all of this renewed activity, hoping everyone will be extra vigilant as we get used to being on the streets again.

Careful on the water

York Regional Police have their Marine Unit on the water this weekend keeping watch on early season boaters, ensuring they have the proper safety equipment on board.

Yard clean-up

Steve Stephanian at Springwater Garden Centre expects it to be a busy weekend. is it too soon to seed the grass? No, he says, the moisture still in the ground will help the seeds to germinate. Should you rake out the dead grass? Stephanian doesn’t, saying it breaks down and helps nourish the lawn. How about flowers? No, too soon for them, but hardier trees and bushes are alright.

Brush burning

Careful with this, local fire services have had to put out a number of brush fires in the past few days.