Seatbelt-Related Deaths on Provincial Roadways At Twenty-Year Low

Despite Good News, OPP Point Out One Death Is Too Many

Good news from the OPP, it is saying seat belt-related fatalities on provincial roadways is at a 20-year low. The Provincial Police say 45 deaths in 2016 can be attributed to the misuse or lack of seat belts. This is a continuing trend, the year before was the first time police say there were fewer than 50 seat belt related deaths, while stats show the fatality rate was at its highest twenty years ago, at 168 deaths. While we are enjoying a twenty-year low, the OPP are quick to point out that one death is too many. “The evidence that supports the effectiveness of seat belt use remains irrefutable.” says OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair,  “The odds of surviving or avoiding serious injuries in a collision are stacked against those who are not restrained in their seat. In exchange for the few seconds it takes to buckle up, you can cross this risk off the checklist of things that threaten your life on the road.”