Science Rules! Netflix Launching New Bill Nye Show

Class Is In Session

On the days when VCR’S and clunky TV’s were wheeled into classrooms, you knew it was a good day. And if it was Bill Nye on screen, you knew class was bumpin’.

Bill Nye made science cool. it’s okay to admit, you were totally into the science guy.

If you’ve spent your adolescent years rewinding your Bill Nye tapes and praying for a comeback, Netflix has got you covered. Bill Nye has announced his new show Bill Nye the Science Guy spinoff, Bill Nye Saves The World, coming to Netflix this April!

The 13-episode season will take on everything from climate change to alternative medicine. Of course adding some classic Nye science experiments. Bill will bring on sidekicks and guests during each episode like supermodel Karlie Kloss, Zach Braff, Joel Mchale and more. There’s no official word on if the show will be bringing back those mildly embarrassing science-related music-video parodies but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

We’ve been waiting for this for far too long. Check out the Netflix trailer for ” Bill Nye Saves The World”, which arrives April 21st below!