Santa Arrives in Barrie

Still Drawing Big Crowds

Santa Claus arrived in fine form Saturday evening riding high upon his sleigh through the streets of downtown Barrie much to the thrill of the crowds gathered below along the street’s and waving up to him both young and old alike.

While his fashion sense is a bit dated, and he’s still battling that weight issue (perhaps we should be leaving out low-cal cookies and skim milk Christmas Eve), he continues to draw big crowds wherever he appears and he seems to be showing up everywhere these days. He has a jam-packed schedule of appearances over the coming weeks, and for a man of Santa’s age, and obvious out-of-shape condition, he seems to have remarkable stamina.

It’s amazing to think, for a guy as old as Santa is, who still smokes, eats junk food, never shaves and wears the same clothes everyday, and yet remarkably, women still want to sit on is lap and tell him secrets!   Talk about a celebrity with staying power and judging by the crowds who come out to see him still to this day, there is no slowing down the jolly old Saint.

And, as Santa himself proclaimed many times during the parade route Saturday night in Barrie.  Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas to ALL!  Now, let’s hit the stores!