Sammy Hagar is Mad that Van Halen Didn’t Wish Him Happy Birthday

He's so mad that a reunion is now of the table.

Sammy Hagar revealed in a recent interview that he didn’t hear from Van Halen on his 70th birthday.

“To me, they made a real stron statement by not wishing me a happy birthday for my seventieth. Especially amongst the fact that so many people have died. I mean, a week before that Tom Petty died. Tom Petty’s birthday was the next Thursday after mine, and he was still a young man, as far as I’m concerned”

Hagar complained last year that Van Halen didn’t wish him a happy sixty-ninth birthday as well.

Because of this birthday snub, Hagar says there is no chance of a Van Halen reunion, “We’ve got to be friends before we can do any kind of business together. To me, it’s put the nails in the coffin.”

Back in March, he said he would consider hooking up with his old band mates, but only if bassist Michael Anthony and David Lee Roth were involved.