Rush’s Geddy Lee Heading Out On Canadian Book Tour

Making stops in Toronto and Richmond Hill

Rush frontman Geddy Lee will be heading on a book tour this spring with 10 stops across Canada to promote his new book, Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass. He’ll kick things off in Victoria on May 22 and end in Montreal on June 4.

Before he published the book he debuted the Big Beautiful Book of Bass exhibit at Cleveland, Ohio’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. And for the first time ever he’ll be bring it to Canada. It will be open to the public at the NMC in Calgary on May 25 and it features 26 of the rarest and most significant basses Lee has ever owned.

In a statement, he said the collection is “a combination of rare vintage basses from the golden age of guitar production as well as significant ones that I’ve used throughout my career,” he said. “Basses that I’ve scoured the world to get my hands on.

“This exhibition gives people a look into the origins and the earliest years of the instrument that help shape popular music,” he said, “as well as the ones that I’ve lovingly held in my hands for over 40 years as I developed a sound that I could call my own.”

Check out the full tour schedule:

Main Image via Twitter / @rushtheband