Routine Traffic Stop Leads To Less Than Routine Charges Laid

Angus Man Facing Long List of Charges

An Angus man was batting a thousand after a traffic stop in Barrie. Police say they pulled the vehicle over just past midnight this morning, after they say the vehicle almost backed into a squad car. Officers say the two occupants immediately got out and tried to walk away like nothing happened, but an officer stopped the driver. Police say the guy didn’t hand over his licence, but gave a fake name instead. The passenger allegedly also had a fake name, as police say further investigation found the pair were under court order not to be together. It doesn’t end there. Police say, thanks to a Drunk Driving conviction, the guy wasn’t supposed to be behind the wheel at all, nor was he supposed to have an open bottle of booze and some crack in the car, but police say he did anyway. To top it all off, back at the station house, police say they ID’d the guy as the driver who crashed through a construction barrier and almost took out some workers back in August. He’s facing a total of 16 charges, his girlfriend will also see the inside of a courtroom.