Roni & Gord need help!

Trying to find a living donor!

I first met Roni (Veronoica) Carr when she called me on-air to be a candidate for the Cheap Plug of the Day heard weekday afternoons on ROCK 95.  When Roni recorded her message, it was instantly obvious that her message required much more attention than simply a “cheap plug”.

Roni had called in hoping to reach our larger audience after months of trying to get her message out through social media networks or any means she could find to see if she could get help from anyone in our area that might be able to save her husband’s life.

Roni’s husband Gord has been on the liver transplant list for 9 months now waiting and hoping for the possibility of a “donor” to come forward.  Doctors have told the couple their best bet would be to find a “living donor”.  This donation could help Gord return to a normal life and get him off the liver donor list.  For the donor, not only will they be able to help Gord’s situation, but the “donor’s” liver will return to 100% after the procedure.  There is also Government funding available for a donor to help replace income lost from the time taken off work.

The only stipulation is, the donor needs to be blood type O.  It can be negative or positive, but it has to be Type O.  Gord has three nieces who have been tested, but weren’t a good match and there are no other family members or friends with this blood type, so they are having to rely on a stranger to come forward to help them out.

If you’d like to learn more about organ and tissue donation you can find all the info you need here.  If you’d like to help Roni and Gord, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with them.