Roll Up The Rim To Win Is BACK at Tim Horton’s

Get those thumbs ready!

February 6, Tim Horton’s is kickstarting Roll Up The Rim 2019! The campaign goes until April 17.

Every hot beverage you buy, you have the opportunity to roll up the rim to reveal a prize or a “please try again” but there are over 40 million coffee and food prizes so you have a pretty good chance of winning. How good? 1 in 6 actually.

Here are some other fun facts:

  • You don’t have a greater chance of winning if you get a bigger cup size.
  • You can substitute free coffee and doughnuts for other food and drink items.
  • Canadians are so crazy about Roll Up The Rim that they invented a tool for doing the action. The Rimroller device was created in 2004. You can actually still buy them at Lee Valley for $2.95.

  • New this year, there are 40 Jeep Compasses up for grabs.
  • Calgarians Mya Chau and Eve Helman, both 12, and Ben Duthie, 16, created a petition asking Tim’s to make a fully compostable or recyclable cup or better yet, encourage customers to bring their reusable mugs and do an electronic version of Roll Up The Rim.

I know I’m alone in this but I’m hoping for the free potato wedges! Good luck!