ROCKSTAR Nationals Weekend!

National Motocross Racing at R.J. Motosport Park!

National motocross motorcycle racing is coming to Barrie this weekend!  It’s the last round of the 2017 CMRC sanctioned ROCKSTAR Energy Motocross Nationals this Sunday at R.J. Motosport Park off Forbes Road just north of Barrie.

High-flying motocross racing featuring the world’s top riders will tear up the challenging R.J. Motosport Park.  This is the final race date of the 2017 circuit, and the last chance for fans to see some of their favorite riders in Canada this year.

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Champions will be decided in the MX1 and MX2 classes this weekend as both series are going down to the wire.  Amatuer racing Saturday, the Pros go all day Sunday!  R.J. Motosport Park is just north of Barrie.  Take HWY 400 to Forbes Road and follow the signs.

Sunday’s Pro Schedule:

– 8:00am               MX2 Pro Practice – Group 1
– 8:17am               MX2 Pro Practice – Group 2
– 8:35am               MX1 Pro Practice – Group 1
– 8:52am               MX1 Pro Practice – Group 2
– 9:10am               Track Maintenance
– 9:20am               MX2 Pro Timed Qualifier – Group 1
– 9:40am               MX2 Pro Timed Qualifier – Group 2
– 10:00am            MX1 Pro Timed Qualifier – Group 1
– 10:20am            MX1 Pro Timed Qualifier – Group 2
– 10:40am            Track Maintenance
– 10:50am            MX2 Pro Timed LCQ
– 11:05am            MX1 Pro Timed LCQ
– 11:20am            Track Maintenance
– 11:50am            Opening Ceremonies
– 12:00pm            MX2 Hot Lap
– 12:10pm            MX2 Moto #1
– 12:45pm            Track Maintenance
– 1:10pm              MX1 Pro Hot Lap
– 1:20pm              MX1 Pro Moto #1
– 2:00pm              Track Maintenance
– 2:30pm              MX2 Pro Hot Lap
– 2:40pm              MX2 Pro Moto #2
– 3:15pm              Track Maintenance
– 3:45pm              MX1 Pro Hot Lap
– 3:55pm              MX1 Moto #2