Rock 95’s Hi-Lo Contest

Gateway Casino Innisfil is getting live table games March 1st and we're celebrating by giving you the chance to $100 night Out

In honor of Gateway Casinos Innisfil getting live table games we’re giving you the chance to win a $100 Night Out ($50 for food and $50 in “Free Bet” for  table games)  with the Rock 95 Hi-Lo Contest! 

Be listening for your cue to call with the Morning Crew and be caller 9 when you hear it for the chance to play!

If you’re the correct caller through you’ll be given a playing card, you they then have to guess whether the next card drawn is going to be HIGHER or LOWER than the card you were given. If you’re right you continue and another card is drawn. You’ll keep going until you guess incorrectly.

Contest Rules:
Contestant must be 19 years or older and reside within the Rock 95 coverage area.
In order to the contestant you must be the 9th caller through at 705-721-ROCK (7685) when promoted by the cue to call.
Game will be played between 5:30am-9am weekday mornings.
In order to be declared the winner you must go on a streak equal to or greater than the Rock 95 On Air staff member (who goes first).
All Aces are viewed as the highest card.
If the card drawn is the same (Not Higher or Lower) it will be treated as a “Freebie” and the contestant gets to keep going.