Rock 95’s Canada Day Six Pack

Celebrate this great nations Birthday with the perfect Canadian Soundtrack in a convenient, easy to carry 6 pack. Happy Canada Day

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6 Reasons why we love Canada; We’re the funniest. We invented Hockey, Ryan Reynolds, We invented Basketball, We’re really, really nice. And… we have the absolute BEST musicians. 

This Canada Day long weekend – celebrate Canada’s musical heritage with Rock 95’s Canada Day Six Packs. Every hour from 9 to midnight we’ll be serving up a fresh sixer of Canadian beauties – back to back, buddy! And just so we’re totally clear.. we’re talking about music here.

Rock 95’s Canada Day 6 Pack is brought to you by First Nation Liquidation in Muskoka: for Fireworks, Muskoka styled merch and assorted goodies. Look for the Tipi and save the tax. Oh, and Happy Canada Day eh! from Barrie’s Rock Station. Rock 95.