ROCK 95 Turns 28 Years Old

Signed on in 1988

Well, if walls could talk, there would be some pretty cool stories that came out of the studios of ROCK 95 over the past 28 years.

Formed in 1988, and first located on the upper level of the Kozlov Shopping Centre on Bayfield St. in Barrie, ROCK 95 first started transmitting in October of that fall .  It was the first time that a rock-music based channel had operated in our part of Central Ontario.

At the time, many people, especially in the business community, felt the format wouldn’t work in this part of the province, but over time ROCK 95 would grow from it’s meager start to become the most listened too station in this part of Central Ontario, and eventually ranking among the top 5 in Canada for rock-based music formats.

Over the years, it has been the vision of Doug Bingley, President of ROCK 95 since it’s inception, that has kept the steady, managed growth of the station continuing over the years, by sticking to it’s original roots and strengths and by also standing behind his people.  Doug also started KOOL FM in 2002, moved the station to it’s current home on Huronia Road in 2007, and opened Indie 88 in Toronto in 2012.

This weekend, we celebrate those accomplishments, with a thank you to our many regular listeners for their support and continued tuning to ROCK 95 over the past 28 years.