Rock 95 Reporter Doesn’t Fall For Canada Revenue Scam

CRA Scam Caught on Tape

March is Fraud Prevention Month. One of the frauds making the rounds of late is the Canada Revenue Agency scam. Someone will call you, claiming to be from the CRA stating you have an outstanding tax debt owed, threatening jail time if you don’t pay. As part of Fraud Prevention Month, the Ontario Provincial Police have released some stats about this fraud. They say over 15,000 people have reported getting calls from someone claiming to be from the CRA, while 751 people have fallen for it. OPP report around $2.94 million was lost to this scam in 2015. Barrie Police Service say, despite warning after warning, residents are still falling for this scam. Brett Glover didn’t. He ended up on the phone with two of these scammers. Using one of his many aliases, Brett returned a voicemail left by those claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency.


Judging by the abrupt ending to the call, it appears the scammers decided Brett didn’t do a good enough job pretending to be a victim.