Road Rage In Meaford

Victim Was Driving Too Slow

Police in Meaford are investigating after a report of mischief stemming from an act of road rage. OPP say a man driving east on Sykes Street  on Tuesday stopped for a red light when he was approached by the driver behind him. Apparently the suspect began yelling at the driver for going to slow. Then punched the window several times and kicked the side mirror, causing some damage to the car. The suspect then returned to his vehicle and was last seen driving east on Hwy 26. The suspect is described as male, tall,  with red hair, but balding, with a red beard. He is approximately 30 – 40 years old. He was wearing a black jacket and jeans. He was driving a newer model, hatchback. Grey County OPP ask that if you have any information regarding this incident that you call them or Crime Stoppers.