Rick Mercer Tells Ontarians To Stay Home In Hilarious Video


Canadian comedian Rick Mercer is trying a different tactic to get Ontarians to stay home, particularly those aged 19-29, who are most likely to catch COVID-19 and then spread it to others.

The government’s #StayHomeON influencer campaign started on Friday.

To the people who are confused because there are “loopholes,” Mercer has this to say:

“Just because you can buy pool noodles on sale at Walmart doesn’t mean you have to.”

He goes on to encourage young people to imagine the image of Doug Ford in a hazmat suit in their bedroom:

“I know, if you’re a young person and you hear that you have to stay in, you’re thinking one thing. You’re thinking, ‘Hang on. Is the government telling me I can’t hook up?’ Well the answer to that is yes. That is correct.

“Doug Ford is personally imploring you to not hook up. And if you are tempted to do so, just imagine Doug, in the room with you, just six feet away in a hazmat suit and he’s watching you. And imagine the disappointment on his face.”

Watch the video below:

Ohh Rick Mercer, gotta love him!