Recapping What Happened Saturday Night Tyson V. Jones Jr

Snoop Dogg was the clear winner

Photo courtesy of SkyNews

We saw Mike Tyson battle Roy Jones Jr. Saturday night in the most anticipated ‘exhibition match’ perhaps of all time. Both fighters are over 50 and have retired from pro boxing, and this match had a few different rules including bigger gloves, shorter rounds, less rounds, no knockouts and if any fighter sustained a cut the bout was to be called. Tough to think how they could enforce all of those rules but the match went the distance with no winner being declared. The fight cost $50 USD to order PPV, and maybe the plan all along was to have two fights so the first ending in a draw shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

Perhaps the best part of the evening was Snoop Dogg who hopped on the mic for some extra commentary and when the most exciting part of the night was happening Snoop delivered.