Readin’, Writin’, Rock & Roll.

The Best Music Books of 2016

When you picture the Rock & Roll lifestyle, it’s always made up of the same ingredients: Drugs, parties, girls, boys, devil-may-care attitude and then more drugs.

And sure that sounds like a blasty-blast. But if that’s what the “life” were truly all about…it’d probably get a little boring after 2 to 3 years. And the people we admire as “Rockstars” would just fade into obscurity like any other regular person you know who partied too hard for too long.

What makes a real Rockstar is what’s underneath the surface. The highs and the lows: depression, troubled childhoods, failed marriages….the kinds of things that create the “tortured soul”. Not to be confused with Schadenfreude, we enjoy their pain and suffering because it takes them out of the spotlight and down to our level…where we can forget that they’re “stars” and realize that they’re real human-beings just like us…but on a big, bright, shiny stage the size of the world.

Now, for the most part, these folks don’t go around spouting about their lives everywhere they go. So if you really want to know what their real lives are like YOU GOTTA READ BOOKS!


Here’s a few that came out in 2016 if you’re into it:



Born to Run – By Bruce Springsteen

($25.76 at



Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon – By Peter Ames Carlin

($31.33 at



Not Dead Yet – By Phil Collins

($26.20 at




Testimony – By Robbie Roberts

($21 at




Trouble Boys: The True Story of The Replacements – By Bob Mehr

($17.89 at





Source: Rollingstone