Rare Footage Of Nirvana Playing In An Empty Radio Shack Surfaces Online

Unearthed Footage Features Band Filming Music Video In 1988

Footage of a young band called Ted Ed Fred filming a low-budget music video in an Aberdeen, Washington RadioShack in 1988 found its way online this week. Normally this wouldn’t mean much, but the band would later go on to become Nirvana, and this is some of the earliest video of the seminal 90s grunge band to ever surface.

The lineup pre-dates the arrival of Dave Grohl on drums, with Dale Crover of the Melvins pounding the skins while Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic attempt to sync-up their performances with demo recordings. It’s 17 minutes long and rivals only Stone Temple Pilots’ “Big Bang Baby” in terms of video quality, but it’s worth a good viewing for Cobain’s flying entry leaps. Have a look below.

The video surface on YouTube, via archivist Mike Ziegler‘s personal channel.