Public Transit A Popular Choice in Wasaga Beach

Ridership Grew By Sixty-Six Per Cent From 2011-2015

Wasaga Beach is getting some real mileage out of its transit service. A review of Wasaga Beach Transit was presented at the latest meeting of council, and it shows ridership has grown a whopping 66 per cent over a five year period.

The same study says the public generally wants longer transit service hours too, in order to better accommodate inter-municipal travel. The study not only proposes a third route, more buses, and more bus stop shelters, it also suggests a bus terminal hub.

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The town of Wasaga Beach currently operates two routes that run Monday to Saturday, 7am-9pm, ending a few hours earlier on Sunday. A transit link between Wasaga and Collingwood also runs at specific times daily.

Meanwhile, an expanded transit schedule is in the works for nearby Colltrans and the links between Wasaga Beach, and The Blue Mountains. The link to Wasaga will see an extra hour of service Monday to Saturday, with six hours more on Sunday. The in-Collingwood schedule will see Colltrans on the road from 7am to 9pm on weekends, with no change through the week.