Public Intoxication Ticket Used as I.O.U.

Man Accused Of Skipping Out on Bar Tab... Twice

An alleged bonehead is facing a few charges after bouncing from restaurant to restaurant in Barrie. A 39-year-old man was released from the drunk tank late Sunday night with a $65 public intoxication ticket. He got that ticket from police who accuse the guy of racking up a bar bill at a downtown eatery Sunday, and skipping out on it when cut off. After leaving the lock up, officers say the guy went straight for a north end bar and began drinking again. Once he had his fill, they say he tried to skip out on the bill one more time. Employees stopped him and claim he tried to leave his public intoxication ticket behind as proof he’d return to settle his bill. No dice; police had already been called. He was arrested yet again.