Protest Over the Silencing Of Sexual Assault Victims Goes To City Hall

Group Claims Local Elected Officials Are Helping To Perpetuate Silence On the Issue

A protest in downtown Barrie cited Patrick Brown, but took aim at all elected officials. A small group of protesters appeared in Barrie Council Chambers Monday evening, during the regular council meeting, to unveil a sign that read “We Hold Our Political Leaders to a Higher Standard.” Noelle Rancourt, one of the organizers of the protest, says she was there to make sure victims are heard.

Many of the protesters wore tape over their mouths,  as Rancourt says it symbolizes the silencing of sexual assault victims.

Ranourt admits false accusations do happen, but usually among teens embarrassed to tell the truth, or those with mental issues, adding it is not the case here.

The silent protest remained in council chambers only for a few moments, before making its way down to Hooligan’s, a bar partially owned by Patrick Brown.