Pro-Tips To Get You To Work On Time This Winter

Because Simcoe County Knows How To Navigate Winter

Winter does it’s best to delay travel. Getting around during the months of November through April can be tricky in Barrie, so we’ve compiled a list of pro-tips from Simcoe County locals to make sure you get to work on time this winter.

Plan Your Route Carefully

If you’re a commuter, it pays to know which stretches of road to avoid after a snow storm. Road closures and accidents are par for the course around here. The 400 highway is particularly notorious for being a rough drive in the winter. The Rock 95 Storm keeps you up to date on all the latest closures, but however you choose to plan your route be aware of what’s going on.

Keep A Bag Of Kitty Litter In Your Car

Yes, it seems weird, but a bag of kitty litter (or a bag of sand) can help get you out of trouble if your car gets stuck in the snow. Kitty litter will add traction under your tires to  get out of a tight spot when you’re stuck.

Spray Your Shovel With Non-Stick Cooking Spray

There is no bigger pain in the butt (or back) than shoveling. Anything that might make it easier is a welcome addition to our lives, so we had to share this one with you. Spray your shovel with a little non-stick cooking spray before you start. This will keep the snow from sticking to the shovel, and make the monstrous task seem just a little more manageable.

Spray Your Windshield With Vinegar

It takes less than 2 minutes to make, costs less than $3 and should last you all winter. Don’t spend precious minutes (and energy) scraping your windshield in the morning. Simply mix 3 parts vinegar with 1 part water. Ideally, spray your car the night *before*, but if you spray it on and then leave it for 5 minutes before scraping the ice will come off in seconds.

De-Ice Your Locks With Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol to the rescue again! Nothing can derail an other wise on-schedule morning quicker than car doors that won’t open. This is a tricky one, because it’s tougher to de-ice the inside of a lock than it is a windshield. Enter hand sanitizer. Using your key as the delivery device, try and get as much sanitizer inside the lock as possible. The alcohol in the sanitizer should help get you in your car and to work on time.

Put Zip Ties On Your Bike Tires

Are you one of the brave few who still ride your bike to work, even in the depths of winter? If so, we applaud you. We also encourage you to put some zip ties around your tires. This will cost you way, way less than studded bike tires, and will give you some much needed traction on snowy or slushy roads. The only thing worse than a wipe out on your bike is a winter wipe out on your bike, am I right?

Out Of Driveway Salt? No Problem!

Picture this: your walk way is a sheet of ice, you reach in to the bucket to scoop some salt and – bam – you hit the bottom. There’s none left, and now you’re left to wobble your way out to the car. Save yourself the possible fall and mix up this handy little concoction instead! A teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and eight cups of warm to hot water. Pour it over your walkway, watch the ice disappear and make it safely to your car (and subsequently, to work).

Put Socks On Your Wipers 

Guaranteed to make sure your wipers won’t stick to the windshield. It can be super time consuming to chip at the ice that’s got your wipers stuck, and also can damage the wiper blades. Put socks around the wipers, and save yourself valuable minutes in the morning.

Just Stay Home

We know this isn’t always an option, but truthfully there are some winter days in Simcoe County that even these hacks can’t salvage. If the conditions are just too terrible, we recommend you stay off the roads and safe at home.