7pm start


The Canadian Centre for Men and Families, in association with Creating Connection Barrie, will present the Barrie premiere of the ground-breaking new documentary “Erasing Family”, a film that has been inspiring a mass movement of citizens working to make progressive change in divorce law across Canada that puts children first.

Erasing Family spotlights the devastating consequences of parental alienation and the family bonds that are too often erased after divorce or separation. Audiences will leave knowing more about courtroom custody battles and how their emotional consequences can be prevented with court reform and laws that promote shared parenting, as well as shifting resources to help families instead of encouraging them to fight.
On Friday, November 22nd at 7:00 PM, Creating Connection Barrie, a local organization that promotes personal and community wholeness through authentic conversation and meaningful activities, will be the host venue for this premiere film screening. Following the viewing will be a Q&A session with guest speaker Janos Kovac, a registered Marriage and Family Therapist who has specialized in separation adjustment and holistic healing of family relations for the past 15 years.
For change to happen, non-victims and institutions need to make divorce part of their agenda of social reform. Through personal narratives and legal analysis, Erasing Family educates families on how to make informed choices and mobilize representatives. At the close of the event attendees will be able to take home a call-to-action checklist of resources, contacts, petitions and other information to help them respond, advocate and make a difference.

Creating Connection Barrie is located at 12 Chase McEachern Way, just south of the five points in downtown Barrie and invites the public to attend beforehand at 5:00 PM for a potluck dinner to encourage the community to get to know each other a little bit before diving into such a compassionate social and family justice issue.
Though there is no cost for this event (or the community dinner) donations toward the legal and support group programs for alienated parents are encouraged and can be received in person or online. RSVPs can be confirmed through Eventbrite,, their Facebook page, or by calling the event coordinator at 519-404-3357.