Premier Wynne Pushes Reset Button

Will rejig government's priorities

The Wynne government, bruised by last week’s byelection loss in Toronto, and hearing the cries of Ontarians trying to make ends meet, prorogued the legislature yesterday and will deliver a new Speech From The Throne on Monday. Premier Wynne’s office says it will, among other things, focus on making the everyday lives of Ontario residents better. The cost of electricity, for instance, has been on many tongues and has not escaped notice by the government. The speech will outline the government’s agenda for the 20 months leading up to the spring 2018 election. The opposition parties are predictably unimpressed. PC leader Patrick brown called the Liberals tired and self-interested, “Apparently Premier Wynne only just learned that Ontario families are struggling to afford their hydro bills.” NDP House leader Gilles Bisson accused Wynne of “just using prorogation to change the channel on her failed record.”