UPDATE: Potential Gunfire in Cookstown

Gunshots Heard, Shell Casings Found

Saturday – South Simcoe Police will be going door-to-door  today in a Cookstown neighbourhood trying to get a handle on the sound of gunshots and spent shell casings found last Sunday. Officers found a nearby home with board-up second-storey window. Detectives collected evidence from the home on Monday.

Wednesday – An incident in Cookstown has left police scratching their heads. Early Saturday morning, South Simcoe Police were contacted over the sound of gunshots in the area. Officers checked the neighbourhood and found nothing out of the ordinary. On Sunday, someone found shell casing and called police back to the area. Officers found a home with a boarded up second-floor window and allegedly uncooperative residents. Police came back to the home with a search warrant the next day, and say they collected related evidence but made no arrests and laid no charges. Investigators ask you give them a call if you have any light to shed on this incident.