Politics 101: Being Involved Doesn’t Always Mean Playing A Sport

by Emily Fallows, Patrick Fogarty Catholic SS

Sometimes staying involved and being a leader in your high school can be difficult if you aren’t involved in sports. At Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School in Orillia there are many student government opportunities available for students which include: grade rep, member of student council, president of student council and student trustee.


Grade Rep(resentative): There are approximately 3-4 representatives per grade, and generally more for grade 9. The process to become a grade rep is an application form filled out and handed in to the guidance office, and a short interview. Grade 11 Rep, Kiara Manual applied to be a grade rep so that she could be a helping hand for her school, and be involved in the school’s community. She helps out with setup, and take down of decorations at school events, and being a representative for her grade.

Member of Student Council: Members of council generate ideas for school events such as coffee house themes and “civies” day themes. They post to social media and make visits to homerooms to inform students of the current and upcoming plans. Each member has their own specific responsibilities, and everyone works together. On election day, after performing a speech in front of the school, students vote for 9 representatives. The position lasts a full year from May- May, with an election every year. Edan Mcfadden, a member of student council in Grade 11, said that being a member of council is very fulfilling, as it not only allows her make a difference for her school but also the people within her school.

President of Student Council: To become president, there is an application process and also an election. There is one president every year, generally a Grade 12 student, and they hold the position all year long. The president runs weekly meetings, and associates with the administrative board. Bridget Healy, the student president, is the leader for student council. For Bridget, being the student president is a great way to inspire her fellow students, to have school spirit and “bleed green”.

Student Trustee: One student trustee is picked every year from the entire school, and they are representative of all students’ concerns. They provide the student body with information to make their high school experience the best it can be.With regular meetings throughout the year, all student trustees from the school board discuss topics with the superintendent of education. Wesley Nicol is the student trustee this year and he says that he wanted to be a student trustee to address the concerns of his friends and make a difference.