Police Week 2018; New Tech, Safety & Community

New technological advances help Barrie Police find missing persons and clear traffic quicker

Barrie Police have a number of events planned this week to coincide with Police Week 2018. Constable Nicole Rodgers and Constable Chris Allport showed us how new technology is changing policing in the city. The use of a UAV (drone) is another tool Barrie Police use in locating missing people. This gives police access to instant visuals, access to unsafe terrain or building rooftops. The UAV shows simultaneous aerial visuals and heat sensor detection. Constable Allport says they use it for things people may not think of like clearing collision scenes.

Allport says they can grid a collision scene and have a 3D model of that scene in about 30 minutes, where the traditional surveying and forensically mapping the scene could take 2 to 3 hours. Constable Rodgers adds that blocking a major intersection for a collision reconstruction messes up the flow of traffic in the whole city, but the UAV lets them get in and out quickly.

Police will take to the water to remind boaters about safe boating habits ahead of the long weekend. Things begin with the Home Safe 5K Walk/Run to support the Vulnerable Person Registry. It’s another tool to help police in their search efforts – similar to the recently launched Project Lifesaver.