Police Kick Off Road Safety Week

The Aim Is To Make Canada's Roads The Safest In The World

If you’ve been ignoring them, now might be a good time to start following the rules of the road. Today marks the start of Canada Road Safety Week and police will be out enforcing what they call the BIG 4. IMPAIRED DRIVING, DISTRACTED DRIVING, AGGRESSIVE DRIVING AND SEAT-BELT INFRACTIONS. The goal is to make roads safer and by 2025. And make Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

Launching the same time is the OPP’s arrive alive, DRIVE SOBER campaign. The aim is to prevent all impaired driving incidents. Including the morning after, when the effects from can still be felt.

Keeping along the safety theme, police are reminding OFF ROAD VEHICLE riders to use caution and follow the rules when operating an ORV. Investigations continue to show that alcohol, inexperience, speed and lack of a helmet are major contributing factors in serious injuries or deaths associated with the machines. The OPP say since May 8 of this year alone, 5 people have died in ORV accidents.