Police Aren’t Sure How This Car Dangling Off The DVP Got There

The Scene Is Still A Mystery

Early this morning, police investigated the Don Valley Parkway to figure out why a car was suspended from a bridge – the empty car dangled from a rope beneath Millwood Overpass bridge, south of Don Mills road. Shortly before 10 A.M., firefighters cut the rope and the vehicle fell to the ground.

According to the police, the set up appeared to be part of filming for a movie in which paramedics were also amongst the scene. However, police stated that authorization regarding the shoot was not given and the reasoning behind the stunt was unclear.

After a thorough investigation, it was confirmed that the scene was in fact a movie shoot. Mayor John Tory who was “mystified” by the scene expressed, “You’d think if it was one of those film shoots, they are very carefully organized by the film shoot companies to get permission and frankly to communicate the information so as to avoid people being worried about somebody being in a bad condition,”

Tory currently does not know who is responsible for the stunt.

Tory stated in regards to the scene, “Fortunately the land that is right beneath that is not a neighbourhood or another street. I think it is basically green space,” as well as noted, “Precautions have been taken so that no people are adversely affected…”

The investigated is ongoing, as the reason behind the hanging car is still a mystery to city officials, police and firefighters.