Plant Some Seeds Now, Save Some Butterflies Later.

Because saving butterflies is awesome!

We need butterflies. They help pollinate our flowers and crops, they act as natural pest controls for our gardens, and act as an important part of the food chain for animals like birds and bats. While all kinds of butterflies are important,  Monarch butterflies are currently at risk! Climate change, illegal logging, and lack of the Milkweed plant are all key factors.


Photo Credit: Donald Troha

We’re not saying you have to drive a hybrid or chain yourself to a tree in protest, but here’s something you can do. Plant some Milkweed seeds. This pretty plant pictured below is a favorite for Monarch Butterflies to lay their eggs on.


Photo Credit: ilze long

There’s one catch. The best time to plant Milkweed seeds is before the first frost. Since we live in Central Ontario, that could be sooner rather than later. So if you see some while you’re out and about this week why not pick them and try some Milkweed in the flower garden next year? You’ll help save some butterflies, AND your backyard will be filled with butterflies! Who doesn’t want that? For a few more details on Milkweed and Monarchs you can check out this article from The David Suzuki Foundation.