Plain Pack Cigarettes Coming Soon To Canada

New regulations for vaping. too

Generic cigarette packages are closer to becoming reality in Canada.

The federal government has passed Bill S-5 giving Health Canada the power it needs to mandate plain packaging. The bill also legalizes and regulates vaping.

Tobacco companies argue there’s no evidence to suggest packaging is the reason people start smoking. Proponents of plain packaging say it will make smoking less appealing by eliminating the uniqueness of particular brands.

Before and after packaging in Australia – Cancer Council Victoria

Plain packaging has already been instituted in Australia, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

As for vaping, regulations include:

  • cutting the number of flavours that can be used in an e-cigarette
  • banning the sale of vaping products to minors, or sending a vaping product to a minor
  • restricting most promotional activity around vaping products, forbidding the use of testimonials and references to health effects and additives

The legislation is expected to receive Royal Assent shortly. The new regulations would likely come into effect within 180 days.

banner photo via Newtown grafitti