Pearl Jam Joins “All In” Challenge

The ultimate Birthday Party for a Pearl Jam fan!

If you’re feeling the blues about not not being able to get out and enjoy some of your favorite activities, you’re not alone.  Even our favorite rock bands are pent up and missing being out on the road and performing and meeting and hanging out with people, but they also realize the importance of everything that is going on.  One band that has stepped up in a big way to help support front-line workers is Pearl Jam.    The band recently announced they are taking part in the “All In” challenge and they have put together an impressive charitable package to raise funds to help support those front-line workers and give back an amazing birthday experience for some lucky Pearl Jam fans.

The band is giving people the opportunity (for when the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted) to experience first hand what it’s like to be on-stage and performing in front of thousands of people.  Your day would start with you and a friend arriving at the selected venue early for the “sound-check” phase of the night’s performance.    Then, the night of the show, you’ll be brought up on stage and Eddie Vedder says you’ll be able to “hear the stage sound and be surrounded by these great musicians at loud volume. Even just to stand in front of the great drummer Matt Cameron, directly in front of him, it’s a true thrill. You’ll feel some vibrations that maybe you haven’t felt before, ones that I’m lucky enough to feel all the time, and I thought that would be a great thing to share.”

Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam Accept All In Challenge for COVID-19 ...

The Band’s front man says, you could also challenge the band and add some song requests into the line-up, see the show from different vantage points from being right up front of the stage to being behind the soundboard, where you can check out how the lights and sound work. From there, the winning bidder will get to hang out at the side of the stage with the crew and even have the chance to join in bringing Eddie a guitar or microphone and enjoying some wine as well.  There will be candles and cake for you and at the end of the experience you’ll also be presented with an autographed Telecaster guitar from the band.

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