PC Government Puts The Brakes On Question Period Over Claims of Inappropriate Remarks

NDP Denies Any Comments Were Made As PCs Refuse to Take Opposition Questions

Question Period took an ugly turn at Queen’s Park today, after accusations were thrown at both sides.

During a question from a Peel Region-based PC minister, it’s said someone from the NDP opposition mocked his accent, leading the PC government to refuse to answer any NDP questions until an apology is made.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath refutes the claim, saying the PCs are distracting from real issues, that no mocking statements were made by anyone from her party and its Premier Doug Ford that should apologize.

In reviewing video and audio from the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website, no comments can be heard.

Following a five minute recess, Government House Leader Todd Smith told the floor that the government would refuse any questions from the NDP, under Standing Order 37h.

No further questions were answered by the PC Government for the duration of Question Period.