Paul McCartney Once Punched Eddie Vedder in the Face

...and Eddie loved it!

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder recently revealed one of the greatest moments of his life–that time he got punched in the face by Paul McCartney.

He said he was hanging out with McCartney at a hotel bar in Seattle. The two were exchanging stories and Paul was getting into one about how he once punched someone in the face (he didn’t reveal who). He got a little overly-animated during his recounting of the event and ended up shooting out his arm mimicking the punching motion and connected with Eddie’s face. Eddie said as soon as Paul connected with his face, he couldn’t focus on the story anymore because all he could think was, “Paul McCartney just hit me in the face. And it hurt!”

Eddie said Paul hit him so hard that he tasted blood and had a sore face for a few days after.

(cover photo via Side Stage Collective flickr)