Rock 95 and Sunnidale Boarding Kennels teamed up to give one lucky dog owner a chance to win a boarding and training services package with our Pandemic Puppy Contest.

We received many amazing entries of adorable pandemic puppies, all of who were deserving of a little bit of professional help. Thanks to everyone who submitted picture and/or videos.

We’ve selected these finalists and now we need your help on deciding who should be the grand prize winner of our Pandemic Puppy Contest. The winner will walk away with a 15 Day Good Dog Board N’ Train Behavior Modification Package courtesy of Sunnidale Boarding Kennels.

Cast your vote by filling out the form below!

Because they’re all so darned cute, the rest of the finalists who don’t win, won’t walk away empty handed. They’ll each receive a; 1 hour ONE on ONE Doggy Education session from Sunnidale Boarding Kennels.

The grand prize winner will be determined  by a fan voting process. The finalist who receives the most votes will be declared the winner.
The voting process will be from 12 pm Friday, April 2nd – 11:59 pm Sunday, April 4th, 2021.
Family, friends and Rock 95 listeners will only be able to vote once per day! If it is discovered that someone has voted more than once per day, then all of their entries will become null and void.
The grand prize will be awarded and contacted on Monday April 5th, 2021.


Meet Hulk

This is hulk a 9 month old  American bully weighing 65lbs. He is a sweet boy that likes to take his owner for walks. He is very friendly, loves all his neighbors and loves to chew on anything soft while his  parents are at work.


Meet Kasper 

A newly acquired German Shepherd,  who is teething and nipping and his parents would like professional help to brake this habit!



Meet Luna

She’s a pretty little 13 week old Bernese Mountain dog, but she is so naughty. She is interested in biting everything and everyone. She has learned to bark at strangers and worst of all she leaves her parents surprises in the crate!

Meet Scarlett

 A little Pomeranian puppy. Her parents have never had to train a puppy and could use some professional help.



Meet Sitka

Sitka is going  to be a big girl, so it’s very important for a dog her size to be on their best behavior. Her parents are trying their best, but just like a teenager Sitka is not afraid to talk back and take her frustrations out on you.

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