Pair Caught On Camera After Barrie Theft

Duo Allegedly Only Had Time For One Purchase Before Card Was Cancelled

A smash and grab in Barrie, followed by a shopping spree cut short. Barrie Police say someone smashed in the window of a car parked at the Holly Rec Centre last Wednesday, and stole a purse from the vehicle. Police say two suspects were caught on camera shortly afterwards, using the purse’s credit cards at a Dunlop and Mulcaster convenience store. Later in the day, police say the pair tried to make another purchase, this time at a Bayfield St. adult novelty store, but the credit card had already been cancelled by that point. Anyone with information about this theft is asked to call Barrie Police Constable Barkley at (705)725-7025, ext 2609, or via email at

 Seeking Fraud Suspects