Outsmart your car’s stereo with this trick

The iPhone hack was having an impact on the charts

It’s a common problem. You plug in your iPhone via USB to your car stereo and it plays the first song alphabetically from your library every single time (for me, it’s always Ed Sheeran’s A-Team). With Samir Mezrahi’s great life hack, you can finally solve this problem.

On Apple Music and iTunes, you can download Mezrahi’s “A a a a a Very Good Song”, a silent ten minute track. Since the song begins with 5 As, this track will always play first from your iPhone. You should no longer grow tired of the first song in your iPhone’s library.

The funniest part of this song’s release is that it is having an impact on music charts. According to Engadget, at one point the song was sitting at #67 on the iTunes charts. As of the publishing of this article, the song is no longer on the iTunes charts.