Orillia To Be Home To State-Of-The-Art Hydro One Facility

City Says It Will Mean For An Up-To $300mil Economic Impact

Orillia says it’s investing in the city’s future by hosting a state-of-the-art facility. The City announced today they’ve reached an agreement with Hydro One to construct an Advanced Technology Hub in Orillia, which will include a backup power grid control centre, a provincial warehouse, and regional operations centre. This deal between Orillia and Hydro One comes with a reduction in distribution costs by one per cent, guaranteed for the next five years. The deal includes the selling off the Orillia Power Distribution Corporation assets to Hydro One at a price of $26.35 million, twice the current book value, while the city will retain ownership of the Orillia Power Generation Corporation. Mayor Steve Clarke says the deal will mean for a $200 to $300 million economic impact, calling it “one of the largest ever investments in Orillia’s history.”