OPP Keeping On Truckin’ In New Safety Blitz Approach

Police to Patrol in Transport Trucks In Commercial Vehicle Crack-Down

The OPP are kicking off a commercial vehicle safety blitz with a twist. Officers will be out and about driving big rigs during a five day safety crack-down on commercial trucks, looking for aggressive, distracted, or impaired drivers. It’s called Operation Safe Trucking, and will also have officers looking for speeders, those who follow too close, or drivers who violate their hours of service. “Every year, collisions that involve commercial motor vehicles are in the thousands and they result in significant loss of life. So far this year, the OPP has responded to more than 6,200 transport truck-related collisions, with 87 people dying in 72 of those crashes.” says OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes, “Adding truck tractors to our list of enforcement tools will enhance our officers’ observation and investigative skills during Operation Safe Trucking and future initiatives that focus on Commercial Motor Vehicle safety.” The OPP will also be keeping an eye all drivers during the safety blitz, no matter how many wheels your vehicle has.