OPP Hope For Safer Sledding Season

This is Safe Snowmobile Week in Ontario

OPP hope the 2017/2018 sledding season will not be as deadly as the last one. There were 27 snowmobile deaths in Ontario last year – the worst season since2003/2004. Nine of those deaths were the result of sleds going through ice or entering open water.

“The spike in snowmobile fatalities and all-time record high in ice-related deaths last season are unacceptable. The vast majority of the 27 snowmobilers who died took unnecessary risks instead of making it a safe, enjoyable ride that got them home safely to their families. With very few exceptions, speeding, driving too fast for the conditions, consuming alcohol, riding on unsafe ice and other risky behaviours are what lead to snowmobile deaths every year.
– Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair, Provincial Commander, Traffic Safety and Operational Support