Ontario Hoping To Speed Up Court Dealings

New Plan To Reduce Time-to-Trial Time, Expedite Bail Process

The province wants you to go to court… faster. The Ontario government is introducing a plan to reduce time-to-trial time, and improve the bail system, a plan that includes appointing 13 more judges to provincial courts, 32 assistant Crown attorneys, along with enhancements to the provinces Bail Verification and Supervision program to expedite the release of low-risk accused. “Our criminal justice system must work to protect the interests of all people — victims, the public and the accused.” says Ontario’s Attorney General Yasir Naqvi, “Ontario is working with all levels of government, the judiciary and community partners to ensure that cases get to court faster, and that people waiting for their trials are not held in custody if they don’t have to be there. By improving these fundamental parts of our criminal justice system we will make our communities safer.” Attorney General Naqvi has appointed a few legal experts to provide advice on modernizing Crown policies too.