Ontario Announces First Grocery Store Sommeliers

70 Grocers Across The Province To Sell Wine By Late October

Ontario has given the thumbs up to a choice few grocers who can now sell wine on store shelves, instead of in a separate boutique near the checkout. It’ll take time to phase it in, wine won’t be available til the end of October, while up to 300 stores will be selling the stuff when all is said and done. Until then, it is up to the individual grocers to work with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to decide which of their locations will stock wine on shelves. Those grocers are:

  • Canex Canadian Forces Exchange System
  • Coppa’s Fresh Market
  • Farm Boy 2012 Inc.
  • Fresh Market Foods
  • Highland Farms Inc.
  • Loblaws Inc.
  • Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc.
  • Metro Ontario Inc.
  • Sobeys Capital Inc.
  • Starsky’s Fine Foods Hamilton Inc.
  • Uxbridge Foods Inc.
  • Wal-mart Canada Corp.
  • Yummy Market Inc.