One-Time Pet Registration Comes To Barrie

Designed to save time and money

The City of Barrie has changed the way pets are registered in the city. As of January 1, Barrie residents only need to pay one fee to register their pet for life. This one-time registration fee replaces the pet licence, which required pet owners to renew their pet’s licence and pay a fee each year. The previous annual pet licence was required for dogs and cats, with a different fee for each. There was also a different fee for pets that were neutered, and senior pet owners were exempted from the fee in the previous model. In the new registration program, registration for cats is optional and the fees are consistent for all pet owners. “This new pet registration program will save pet owners money and time,” said Gord Allison, Director of Building and By-law Services. “We’re also reducing our own costs to run the program by making it a one-time fee for the lifetime of the pet. We hope the new simplified process will encourage more pet owners to register their pets.”

New fees:

  • New Pet Registration Fee, each dog or cat: $50 each
  • Registration Fee for Previously Licensed Pets (in 2015): $25 each
  • Change of contact information (per owner): $10
  • Pet owner must pay fee by Jan. 31, 2016, to be eligible for the discounted price ($25). If not paid by Jan. 31, 2016, the pet owner must pay the new registration fee of $50

In Barrie, residents are required to register their dog(s) (cats are optional). By-law Services staff regularly visit City dog parks to check for pet tags. Anyone caught with an unregistered dog can face fines ranging from $150 to $5,000. All residents must show confirmation that their pet has been pre-vaccinated for rabies at the time of registration. This requirement helps ensure the community is safe and pets are healthy.

To register your pet or find out more information, visit

All registrations received by Jan. 31, 2016 will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a $100 gift card.