OACP President In Barrie, Weighs in On Pot Legalization Following CAMH Report

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Report Shows Pot Use Doubled in Last 20 Years

Legalized pot coming next year in Canada, at a time when use of the drug is increasing. The Centre for Addiction and Mental health says marijuana use has doubled since 1996, especially among 18- to 29-year-olds. There is much concern about the number of people driving in a pot infused state, something we asked Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police President Charles Bordeleau about.

Chief Bordeleau was in Barrie Tuesday and Wednesday as part of an OACP conference on cross-province police matters, and he says there are still plenty of questions to be answered before marijuana is legalized.

The CAMH report indicates that smoking pot and driving is as dangerous as drinking and driving.